Through our partner Young Digitals, we organize training days in companies, with a customized program for client’s requirements.

Young Digitals, through Young Digital Lab format gets together and realizes training course with young professional under 30 on topics like digital marketing and social media communication. Young Digital Lab is for companies willing to comprehend new web opportunities, and the changes he requires, through looks and words of some young people proving themselves in the Italian Web marketing scenario.

Young Digital Lab is born in 2010 and his mission is bringing Social Web and digital marketing information and culture in Italian companies: and who can do It better than an under 30 digital professionals network?

Among companies making use of Young Digital Lab for training their human resources there are Safilo, Calzedonia, Benetton, Tommy Hilfiger, Ferrero, Nestlé e McCain, besides more than one hundred of different kind of companies and communication marketing agencies.